What is the technial name for a vegetarian who eats chicken?

Answer A pollo-vegetarian.If you eat chicken and fish, you're a pesco-pollo vegetarian.

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This girl i know claims to be a vegetarian but she eats chicken and turkey?

What do you call a person who is a vegetarian but eats pork?

What do you call someone who eats fish and chicken but NO other meats?

Hi again! Here's the answer: A perscetarian. Fish are very healthy, especially in Omega-3s, which makes your hair shine and skin glow. I suggest you do not not become a pollotarian, as chicken is b... Read More »

Says she's a vegetarian, but eats meat?

She's not a vegetarian. She's a hypocrite. I've heard of pesco-vegetarians. They eat fish, maybe poultry, but consider themselves vegetarians. I'm not buying it for a second.That's like saying ... Read More »