What is the tax rate added to hotel stays in bloomington, minnesota?

Answer Bloomington, Minnesota applies a lodging tax of 7% to all hotel and motel stays of under 30 days. The lodging tax is in addition to the applicable state sales tax of 6.875%, Hennepin County tax of ... Read More »

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I added ram, and the pc's screen stays black or beeps what to do?

Your manual also tells you what you CAN'T do when installing ram. I suggest you read it.

Does health insurance pay for overnight hotel stays for a family?

No, health insurance only covers the overnight stay in the hospital for patients. Some hospitals will allow family members to sleep in the room or provide an extra bed for them for patients in priv... Read More »

My heart rate stays around 50 is that good?

Generally a low resting heart rate isn't a bad thing, it can just mean you are in relatively good cardiovascular fitness. As long as you feel fine all the time, this alone is not cause for concern.

If you live in NYC but your car stays upstate with your parents and is rarely used can it be insured with the upstate address and rate?

Answer Yes you can have an upstate "insurance rating" but Insurance Companies usually ask for proof that the car is there. If you are caught with it in NYC and are involved in any type of Insurance... Read More »