What is the tax definition of head of household?

Answer In addition to filing individually or jointly, some Americans are able to file as a head of household for federal income taxes purposes. To qualify as a head of household, a person must meet specif... Read More »

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What is the IRS head of household definition?

The Internal Revenue Service defines the head of household as a filing status for "unmarried taxpayers" who paid over half the cost of upkeep on a home for a "qualified dependent relative" througho... Read More »

What is the definition of head of household in regards to income tax?

Choosing head of household filing status can be advantageous for federal taxpayers who qualify. Three requirements determine filing status eligibility.Marital StatusTaxpayers who are not married, ... Read More »

What is Head of Household?

Filing federal income taxes and having the proper income taxes withheld is based on multiple factors. One of the primary determinations in the amount of taxes you owe is based on your filing status.

What does head of household mean?

Head of household is usually taken to refer to a tax status. One of five filing statuses, head of household is an unmarried person responsible for more than 50% of the household finances and costs.... Read More »