What is the tax basis of stock on sale?

Answer The tax basis of stock depends on a number of factors. It's extremely important because the amount of the tax basis will determine how much tax you'll pay. The amount of sale minus the cost---which... Read More »

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How do i calculate cost basis for a stock sale?

Stock You BoughtTake the amount you paid for the stock when you bought it, plus any broker's fees and commissions. This is your cost basis. When you sell the stock, subtract the cost basis from the... Read More »

What is a short sale of a stock?

When an investor believes that the price of a stock is going to fall, he can attempt to profit by executing a "short sale." Reversing the age-old investment advice of "buy low, sell high," in a sho... Read More »

What is a stock wash sale?

A wash sale is a complicated provision that disallows capital losses when certain trading circumstances occur. Wash sales occur most often with active stock traders.Stock SharesStock shares represe... Read More »

How to Calculate the Cost Basis for a Stock Split?

When you buy stock, you pay a certain value per share of stock. The amount of shares you bought plus the commission paid is considered your cost basis. Some stocks may split during your ownership, ... Read More »