What is the symbol of the statue of liberty?

Answer "Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World" is the full title of artist Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi's work. Known as "Lady Liberty," the statue was a gift from the people of France to the people of t... Read More »

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Why is the Statue of Liberty a national symbol?

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. Originally a gift from France to commemorate America's 100th birthday, the statue has become the emblem of a nation.Hist... Read More »

What is written on the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty exhibits two inscriptions: the date of America's Independence is engraved on Lady Liberty's tablet, and a poem, "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus, is displayed on the inner w... Read More »

What does it say on the statue of liberty?

The Statue of Liberty, located in New York Harbor on Bedloe's Island less than two miles from Manhattan, was given to the people of the United States in 1886. Intended as a sign of international fr... Read More »

What is the meaning of the statue of liberty?

The official name of the Statue of Liberty is "Liberty Enlightening the World." Known worldwide, this monument not only is a symbol of America's democracy, justice and freedom, but it is also meant... Read More »