What is the sweetest thing in the world to say to your sister?

Answer 'Love' is a universal language all in it's own so tell your sister you love her and consider her your best friend and you never want to lose touch with her throughout your life span. "Stay away fro... Read More »

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What apples are the sweetest?

I have not tried all of them. Honey Crisp is very sweet but hard to find.Winesap which were common when I was a kid were very sweet too.Cortland is good. Granny Smith that somebody said is not a sw... Read More »

What is the sweetest apple?

The Utah State University Extension found that Ambrosia was the sweetest apple when it conducted a taste test by experienced apple growers. The growers tasted Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji,... Read More »

What is the sweetest in the world?

i think that god who made this world is sweet i think love is sweet i think that nothing is sweeter than a family who loves you and cares about you thats what i think is really sweet

What is the sweetest smelling rose?

the sweetest kind of rose is the red rose