What is the sweetest thing in the world to say to your sister?

Answer 'Love' is a universal language all in it's own so tell your sister you love her and consider her your best friend and you never want to lose touch with her throughout your life span. "Stay away fro... Read More »

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What is the grossest thing you have saw someone eat?

My Dad bless him (passed on now) would go to the market every Saturday and buy himself tripe, whelks, and jellied eels. When he got home he would open the whelks first... loads of salt and vinegar,... Read More »

What is the nastiest thing someone has said to/about you on Y!A?

Oh god, there has been a few and I consider myself someone who doesn't like to cause too much controversy...someone emailed me and told me my daughter looked like a platypus...then I had to embarra... Read More »

What was the rudest thing someone said to you while pregnant?

I was in Walmart with my three year old and two year old and I am pregnant with #3. I had some rude lady say "In case you haven't heard there is such a thing as birth control and it works"

What is the worst thing you can get from making-out with someone!?

Depends on how far you went with making out sweetie. You could get things like herpes, mono, but I'm sure at your age you have nothing to worry about, but you might want to rethink just how many g... Read More »