What is the sweet liquid formed inside flowers?

Answer Nectar.

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How Is Liquid Metallic Hydrogen Formed?

On the atomic scale, metallic and molecular liquid hydrogen are different. Liquid metallic hydrogen forms under intense pressure. The planet Jupiter's interior contains metallic liquid hydrogen. Ex... Read More »

Where Are Seeds Formed Inside a Flower?

A flower's sole purpose is to help a plant reproduce itself. Various insects, other animals or wind carry pollen from one flower to another, aiding in fertilization. Once deposited in a flower, pol... Read More »

Why the plant outside have lot of flowers and the one inside has no flowers?

outside theres more sun, fresh air, and inside i think the air from like heaters and stuff makes them sulk, and when they're inside, in their soil, they have no worms to make tunnels in the soil so... Read More »

What kind of image is formed inside a lens camera?

To preserve the nice memories life gives all of us.