What is the survival rate of children born with holoproscephaly?

Answer Holoprosencephaly is a condition whereby there is failure of the forebrain to divide into hemispheres. The prognosis is not favorable.

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What is the survival rate of a fetus born in 30th weeks?

Over 90% survival rate for a fetus born at 30 weeks, and each extra week in the womb adds to the survival rate, and the overall development of the fetus. There is always the risk of problems with a... Read More »

What is survival rate of AML?

The five-year survival rate for AML leukemia varies from 15% to 70%, depending on the subtype of leukemia and the age of the patient. Older patients have fewer treatment options, are less likely t... Read More »

What is the survival rate for mononucleosis?

Unless you have a very low immune system, there is no significant statistic associated with Mono. Mono, though, is contagious, so if you think you have it, do not swipe bodily fluids with anybody, ... Read More »

What is the survival rate for stage III hodgkin's?

Afon, this is something nobody can say for sure. I will briefly tell you of my miracle as I believe it is for me to share. I had Non-Hodgkin's B-cell Lymphoma stage 3. I knew in my heart chemo was ... Read More »