What is the surgery for dropped bladder?

Answer Dropped bladder, or cystocele, is a condition that occurs when weakening of the tissue between the vaginal wall and the bladder allows the bladder to intrude upon the vagina. Serious cases of dropp... Read More »

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What is bladder surgery?

The majority of surgeries performed on the bladder are done to curb urinary incontinence, according to Some bladder surgeries are done as part of bladder cancer treatments.Re... Read More »

What is the CPT code for gall bladder surgery?

What is the average price of gall bladder surgery?

Answer The cost varies based on facility, surgeon, outpatient vs inpatient, where you are in the US, etc. For example, in 2005, Utah averaged $5,851 for the outpatient procedure. Minnesota showed ... Read More »

Surgery for Bladder Stones in a Cat?

Cats suffering from bladder stones exhibit a number of tell tale signs including straining to urinate, urinating in abnormal places, licking the genitals and blood in the urine. These are classic s... Read More »