What is the surface temperature of Neptune?

Answer The average surface temperature of Neptune is -200 degrees C, which makes it one of the coldest places in the solar system. According to NASA, Neptune is 30 times farther from the sun than the Eart... Read More »

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What is the temperature on the surface of Neptune?

The average temperature of Neptune is -373 degrees Fahrenheit. The planet's low temperature results from its being about 2.8 billion miles from the sun and the last planet in the solar system after... Read More »

What is the condition on the surface of neptune?

The surface of Neptune is not at all like that of Earth. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to stand on what is referred to as Neptune's surface.FactsNeptune is considered one of the gas giants... Read More »

What kind of surface does Neptune have?

Neptune does not have a solid surface. Its surface is made up of hydrogen, helium, water and other minerals called silicates. These swirl and compress in the center of the planet, forming a liquid ... Read More »

Surface Composition of Neptune?

Neptune is one of the solar system's gas giants, meaning that it is composed entirely of gas. Its upper atmosphere, or surface is composed of three gases. Even though humans will never be able to p... Read More »