Which do you feel is more important in a race like The Amazing Race Asia – brains or brawn Why?

Answer It's a combination of Brains, Brawn and a little bit of luck!! It helps to be brainy when you're trying to outsmart your competition but it's better to have brawn on the challenges. A combination o... Read More »

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How many Supreme Court Chief Justices have there been in the history of the Supreme Court?

Seventeen men have served as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. The first was John Jay, appointed in 1789. The current Chief Justice is John G. Roberts, Jr. appointed in 2005.Referen... Read More »

Why do race car drivers have to be in top shape to race?

Driving race cars is not as effortless as it may appear on television. Piloting a race car at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour requires physical training. Race car drivers have to be in top s... Read More »

Supreme Commander 2?

the game supreme commander 2 is out it takes place 25 years after the events of fordged alliance and the fall of the serephim the units are better and the combat is better in my opinion

How many supreme justices are there?

Since the Judiciary Act of 1869, nine justices sit on the United States Supreme Court. Justices serve the nation's highest court without a term limit. Most justices remain until they retire or pass... Read More »