What is the superstition of the italian horn?

Answer This lucky Italian charm is worn predominately as an amulet against "the evil eye," a curse imposed by a malicious gaze. The Italians call this charm, "corno" meaning "horn." The horn traditionally... Read More »

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What is an Italian horn?

An Italian horn is not a musical instrument. The designation "Italian horn" actually refers to a specific type of jewelry known as an amulet or charm. Italian horn charms are worn by men and women ... Read More »

What is the story behind the italian horn?

The Italian horn, also known as a corno, is of ancient origin, steeped in mythology. This long, curved amulet, which is shaped like a stretched-out "S," is worn for protection against the "evil eye... Read More »

What does the Italian horn stand for?

The Italian horn is known as a corno or cornicello. Before the rise of Christianity, the cornicello, an amulet that resembles a wavy line, was worn by people to protect them from the evil eye. The ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the Italian horn?

The Italian Horn or Corno is a charm worn mainly in Italy and by Italian-American descendants and traditionally by males, bearing significance for those who believe in its power.The ShapeThe long, ... Read More »