What are the causes of depression and/or suicide?

Answer Depressive disorders affect approximately 23 million American adults. In the United States there are 32,000 suicides a year. The causes of these conditions are complex, interrelated and merit furth... Read More »

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What to do to prevent myself from suicide?

Do all the research on the subject in question and speak firmly to the girl who was supposed to create the PowerPoint presentation for you...let her know that she really let you down!

What happens if you try to commit suicide and survive?

You can be arrested and hospitalized against your will.Everyone you know will find out and you'll always be known as "that person who tried to kill themself".If life seems sh*tty that means it can ... Read More »

What is the least painful way in committal of suicide?

How to Know if a Teenager Is a Risk for Suicide and What to Do?

SHE WAS 16, she was blond, beautiful and totally confused. She lived with her grandparents. She was depressed; she was in so much internal pain that she cut herself often. She is gone now; did we n... Read More »