What is the sugar content of wine?

Answer Grapes accumulate sugars as they grow on the grapevine through the translocation of sucrose molecules that are produced by photosynthesis from the leaves. During ripening the sucrose molecules are ... Read More »

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When making wine, can white sugar be substituted for cane sugar?

White sugar can be substituted for cane sugar in winemaking, although most experts agree that cane sugar is best. Light or brown sugar or honey can also be used. The amount and sweetness of the gra... Read More »

Calorie content of one teaspoon sugar?

What is the sugar content in a 12 oz glass of tea if I put 1 cup in 2 quarts of tea?

Hun thats a whole lot of sugar to be mixing in your tea, id try to be a bit more sparing with the stuff if i were you

Is it possible to measure the sugar content of fruit juices?