What is the subatomic particle that chadwick discovered?

Answer In 1898, the world of science was forever changed by the identification of the electron. Ten years after this discovery, Ernest Rutherford discovered protons. In 1932, another great scientific disc... Read More »

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What did Roy Chadwick invent?

Roy Chadwick was an aircraft designer who is perhaps best known for inventing the Avro Lancaster Bomber between 1940 and 1941 in England. This aircraft proved highly successful during World War II,... Read More »

What was Edwin Chadwick famous for?

Sir Edwin Chadwick was a social reformer and politician in Britain during the Victorian era. He is most famous for his advocacy for sanitation reforms, including changes in sewage management and pu... Read More »

What Experiments Did James Chadwick Do?

James Chadwick was a winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in discovering the neutron. He spent years completing the work that led up to this final experiment and he had several articl... Read More »

What did James Chadwick discover?

James Chadwick discovered the neutron in 1932. It was for this discovery that he was awarded the Hughes Medal of the Royal Society in 1932. He was later awarded the Nobel Prize in 1935.References:N... Read More »