What is the stupidest question you've read on Yahoo! Answers (other than this one)?

Answer Why???? Like why what?!

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Is Norton as bad as I have read on Yahoo answers?

I don't recommend Norton to anyone:i recommend AVG ANTIVIRUS (free) and Comodo Firewall (also free) - why pay when the free stuff is actually better.Too many people use Norton, making it a target f... Read More »


unbelievable what ppl do,thanks for the tip,there are lots of scams on dogs for sale websites,and i have warned people just like you have warned us,someone on a dog for sale advert was warning peop... Read More »

This is my last question on Yahoo Answers?

I hate to see trolls continue to drive away all the good people here , but I do admit that I understand why everyone is getting fed up and washing their hands entirely to R&P. I've drastically cut ... Read More »

✌ How do you ask a question on Yahoo! Answers?

This belongs on Unfriendable.comYou my friend, are the worst kind of troll.