What is the stuff that comes out of a lady with the baby?

Answer Blood, semen, and a placenta.

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Lady problem, periods and stuff?

See a doctor. The possibilities list is long, ranging from completely normal... to needing treatment to avoid a life long issue. So ask your mom to take you to a gyno. If not, go to planned pare... Read More »

How to Get Pregnant Using the Lady Comp Baby?

descriptionMany unintentionally childless couples are faced with a wide range of choices to help them conceive, however, most procedures are not only invasive and coupled with a range of side-effec... Read More »

What type of feedback helps a pregnant lady deliver a baby?

Keep pushing - I know you can do it! Push, Push, PUSH!!!! Come on, you're doing really well! I can even see the baby's head! Push harder!

Which testical gives the mossy baby stuff?