What do you think about wet tissues?

Answer If you mean the wipes I love them when dealing with grandkids and minor spills they are excellent.Good Luck and God Bless!!

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What type of tissues are in the muscular system?

Your body consists of more than 600 muscles. Some you control by making them contract, while others, such as the heart, function on its own. All muscle are made up of tissue.TissueTissue consists o... Read More »

What Are the Advantages of Vascular Tissues in Land Plants?

Land plants can be divided into two main groups: bryophytes and tracheophytes. Bryophytes, which evolutionarily precede tracheophytes, are plants that lack true vascular tissues by which to circula... Read More »

What vitamin helps repair body tissues?

Vitamin C, E & zinc.I recommend raw soaked sunflower seeds as the highest natural dietary source of vitE.I highly recommend 1 oz. (about 4) canned (or fresh) oysters every day for the naturally occ... Read More »

What is used in plants to help water to move through plant tissues?

As water evaporates out of the plant through transpiration, the loss of water in the leaves causes an upward pull on the water in the xylem. This pressure, combined with water's natural cohesion, d... Read More »