What is the study of anatomy and physiology?

Answer Anatomy and physiology study the functions and structures that help make up an organism. Anatomy studies the skeletal structure, organs and systems of the body, such as the digestive and reproducti... Read More »

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Why should you study anatomy&physiology together?

Many courses and textbooks combine the studies of anatomy and physiology because they are related. Each study individually gives only part of what needs to be learned.AnatomyThe study of anatomy co... Read More »

What are anatomy& physiology all about?

Anatomy and physiology are two complementary scientific classes usually taught early on in biology and medical classes; a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology are essential for studying... Read More »

How does anatomy&physiology relate to each other?

Anatomy and physiology are two interrelated sciences that have to do with biology and the body. While anatomy deals with the actual parts and structure of the body, physiology delves into how certa... Read More »

What is above your vagina according to anatomy&physiology?

According to anatomy and physiology, the cervix is located above the vagina. The cervix is the lower narrow part of the uterus that connects with the top of the vagina.References:WebMD: Your Guide... Read More »