What kind of cell is a membrane bound structure?

Answer The name given to a cell that has a membrane-bound nucleus for its inner structure is a eukaryotic cell, according to Professor Gary E. Kaiser of the Community College of Baltimore County.Source:Co... Read More »

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How Does a Cell Membrane Perform?

All animal and bacterial cells are enclosed by a specialized structure or organelle called a cell membrane. Cell membranes contain all of the cell's contents within, and permit the transport of mol... Read More »

Cell Membrane Diseases?

Cell membrane diseases are life-threatening disorders that are genetic in nature, and they usually work against proteins in our body that are key to ion channels and various receptors within the me... Read More »

Stucture of a Cell Membrane?

Only a very thin, flexible barrier separates the contents of a cell from its environment. This barrier, called the cell membrane (or plasma membrane), selectively allows the exchange and passage of... Read More »

Do plants have a cell membrane?

The cell membrane of plants, also called plasma membrane, is located beneath the cell wall. Water taken into the cell provides pressure--known as turgor pressure--that keeps the cell membrane again... Read More »