What is the structure of rap music?

Answer Rap music, which developed on the streets of the South Bronx and spread by oral tradition, has no absolute structure. There are several characteristics that most rap songs possess however, includin... Read More »

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What is the structure of blues music?

As blues music developed out of oral tradition in the Deep South and has been interpreted a multitude of ways by various musicians since its inception, there is no definitive blues structure. There... Read More »

The Corporate Structure of the Music Business?

The music business is a competitive industry with no unified corporate structure. However, the companies which make up the business each have their own individual corporate structure.

How to Structure a College-Level Music Curriculum?

At the college level, music courses inform and teach students about a vast array of musical topics. Topics in a college-level course may include the history and culture of music, music theory, inst... Read More »

Organizational Chart--Tall Structure & Flat Structure?

Companies use the organizational chart to pictorially depict their prevailing hierarchies, work flow and authority-responsibility diagrams. Small companies use flat organizational charts and large ... Read More »