What is the structure of blues music?

Answer As blues music developed out of oral tradition in the Deep South and has been interpreted a multitude of ways by various musicians since its inception, there is no definitive blues structure. There... Read More »

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What is blues music?

While blues music can't compete with the hip hop and rock 'n' roll songs that dominate popular music charts, these genres sprang from the blues. The blues is an American musical invention and has h... Read More »

What Is Rhythm & Blues Music?

Rhythm & Blues (also called R&B) is a broad term used to classify a wide range of popular music. It is usually used when talking about music created and listened to by a predominantly African Ameri... Read More »

What is the structure of rap music?

Rap music, which developed on the streets of the South Bronx and spread by oral tradition, has no absolute structure. There are several characteristics that most rap songs possess however, includin... Read More »

What Instruments Are Most Commonly Used in Blues Music?

Blues music originated in the American South. Performed initially by mostly African American musicians, residents of the Mississippi Delta were inspired by their long-lasting oppression by the Unit... Read More »