What is the structure of a neurological cell?

Answer A neurological cell is called a neuron. It's the basic building block of the human nervous system. Neurons are found in the brain, spinal cord and throughout the body. They function as the "communi... Read More »

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What is a cell structure?

Cell structure includes a specific network of tiny organelles that work together allowing the cell to function as a complete unit. These structures can include the nucleus, cell wall, plasma membra... Read More »

What is the structure of a kupffer cell?

The Kupffer cell is a macrophage, or large white blood cell that is responsible for removing fragments of dead red blood cells from the blood stream. These cells are located in the lining of the li... Read More »

What kind of cell is a membrane bound structure?

The name given to a cell that has a membrane-bound nucleus for its inner structure is a eukaryotic cell, according to Professor Gary E. Kaiser of the Community College of Baltimore County.Source:Co... Read More »

What cell structure provides support for plants?

In plants cells, the "primary cell wall," which contains much polysaccharide, is responsible for providing structure and support. By creating the structure, the primary cell walls also determines t... Read More »