What is the best and strongest weed strains ?

Answer Kush, Cheeses and Hazes... although you cant really get hold of anything but cheese in the UK unless you're lucky... heard of a new one in Amsterdam recently called LA Woman which knocked out my ve... Read More »

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Smoking weed outside and strongest spray 4 woman?

If its windy that will help. Just use a room spray, they are much stronger than normal perfumes. Clear eyes or if you can handle robots works for buzed eyes

When will 'World's Strongest Man' 2009 air on TV?

2009 TV in the UK, Bravo and USA ESpn According to USA airings are: episode 1 1/3/10 2:30 pm espn, 1/7/10 9:00 pm espn2 episode 2 1/10/10 3:00 pm espn, 1/7/10 9:30 ... Read More »

What type of dog is the strongest dog in the world?

The world's strongest dog is a hotly contested topic, with fans of various breeds claiming their dog should have the title. A major factor is muscle mass relative to body size.Largest Dog BreedsStr... Read More »

Does the US have the strongest army in the world?

Subjectively, yes. The "strongest" is a relative term meaning the application of power or the ability to apply power. The largest army of all the nations of the world is the PLA (Peoples Liberatio... Read More »