What is the strongest alloy or metal?

Answer The strongest aluminum alloy has been created by Kobe Steel and is patent pending. The aluminum alloy has a tensile strength of 780 MPa, which is 60 MPa higher than the aluminum alloy used in the e... Read More »

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What is the strongest metal alloy?

The hardest metal alloy is a type of carbon steel known as Alloy 1090. Alloy 1090 has a yield strength of .64 GPa (67,000 psi) and a tensile strength of .84 GPa (122,000 psi).References:Why Study M... Read More »

Which element is known as the"prince's metal"because it is well-suited for making fine jewelry?

Prince's metal, or alpha-brass, is often used in jewelry because of its rich yellow hue, suitable for use as an imitation of gold. The metal is so named because its inventor was Prince Rupert I of... Read More »

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What metal are old metal milk jugs made from?

Old metal milk jugs, also called milk cans, were made from galvanized tin. They came in 3- and 5-gallon varieties and were used from the time of the Civil War until the 1930s.References:History San... Read More »