What is the strangest thing you've every had in a shopping bag?

Answer i once had a bat a flying bat inside my bag hibernating

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What's the strangest/ bizarre thing you eat?

I love raw macaroni and raw spaghetti noodles. I also love to eat frozen french fries. They are so good. I also pour hot sauce in a bowl and eat it like soup. I also eat raw biscuit dough. I a... Read More »

What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten for breakfast?

Whats the strangest thing you've seen being sold on e-bay!?

Seriously a second hand "Jessica Rabbit" !! (for the less educated a vibrator!)Also an XBOX box!An ivisible christmas tree fully decorated with invisble decorations !the XBOX box went for £45 !!so... Read More »

I just ate a sausage. whatsoever the strangest thing you've put in your mouth?

Swiftlet Bird's Nest in Hong Kong. Swiflets make their nests out of their own saliva which hardens when exposed to air. Yummy!!