How to Draw a Dream Catcher?

Answer If you are interested in Native American culture you may want to learn how to draw a dream catcher. Dream catchers were first made by the Ojibwa people who believed these could be used to teach nat... Read More »

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Dream Catcher Writing Activities?

Dream catchers are part of Native American tradition. Hung near the bed of the owner, a dream catcher is made of web and wrapped around a circular or tear-drop shape that has a hole in the center. ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the feather in a dream catcher?

The feather in a dream catcher signifies breath and air, the most necessary elements for life. Native American legends explain that the dream catcher keeps bad dreams away, while good dreams drift ... Read More »

How to Make a "New Moon" Dream Catcher?

A dream catcher is a Native American hoop woven in the center like a spider web to protect the sleeping dreamer from nightmares and evil spirits. Jacob gives Bella one for her birthday in "New Moon... Read More »

How did Holden explain his catcher in the rye day dream?

There are all these kids running around in a field, and Holden has to catch them from falling of the cliff. Hence the catcher in the rye. By: josbel Valdez