How to Assemble a Boat Steering Wheel?

Answer A boat's steering wheel is probably second in importance only to your boat's motor. Sometimes steering wheels wear out or break. Or you may wish to enhance your vessel's appearance by adding a new ... Read More »

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How to Remove a Steering Wheel Mounting Hub on a Boat?

Whether you've decided to dispose of the steering wheel on your boat and use the tiller and control handle on your outboard, or if you've discovered that the steering wheel hub mounting hub--your b... Read More »

How to Remove a Dino Boat Steering Wheel?

When it comes time to change your boat's steering wheel, you drag out a friend to hold the wheel steady, the steering wheel puller, a board to lock the wheel in place if your friend isn't available... Read More »

What is a ship's steering wheel called?

The steering wheel on a ship is usually called the helm. It is also called the wheel, whipstaff or the tiller, because these things are used to control the rudder.Source:Word List

What is a steering wheel on sailing ship called?

The steering wheel on a sailing ship is called the helm. The helm controls the rudder of a ship, which is the board at the waterline which controls the direction of the ship in the water.Source:Th... Read More »