How to Avoid Psychic Frauds?

Answer Persons most susceptable to being defrauded are desperate housewives and desperate house husbands. I'm not talking about the television show on T.V. " Desperate Housewives" (starring " Teri Hatcher... Read More »

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How to Recognize Medical Frauds and Scams?

Making good health decisions is hard and sadly some immoral people make it even more difficult by attempting to deceive and cheat the sick. Not everyone knows enough about medicine to spot a medica... Read More »

What is the role of Auditing firms in cases of accounting frauds by big companies?

Since you mentioned Sathyam case in particular, I shall share the following info from internet, about their famous MNC auditors, PricewaterhouseCoopers, for those who do not have time to find and r... Read More »

Important. Expert Answers Needed. Please Source: What are the most common Internet scams & frauds, right now?

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How to Cite a Statute?

Law students and attorneys must master the art of legal citation. Legal citation refers to the proper reference of cases, statutes and other legal authorities. Statutes are laws enacted by state le... Read More »