What is the status on netflix streaming on android phones?

Answer No, this is not possible and would otherwise be breaking human rights.

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How to use netflix streaming with a blu ray player?

You need to get a Netflix account and pay a monthly fee to use Netflix streaming. Go to I use Netflix streaming thru my Playstation 3 and I'm on a plan that lets me have two DVD's ch... Read More »

Can someone help me with netflix live streaming through my Wii?

Below is a 24 hour hotline for Netflix. Last I checked hold time was 12 minutes.Best.

Very low Mbps while streaming Netflix on Blu-Ray!!!!?

All Sony Blu-Ray players, except the PS3, direct data through Sony's servers. This is where the problem lies. You might remember having to set some things up on Sony's site before you could use Net... Read More »

Can router be problem with streaming of netflix thru blu ray?

Quick method: 1.Download VLC player. 2.Throw DVD in your computer. Painful method: Scour stores and eBay for a DVD/Blu Ray player that plays region 4.