What should a cedar elm tree cost in Texas?

Answer The cost for a cedar elm tree is dependent on the pot size. 2010 price ranges are $50 for a 15-gallon, $70 for a 30-gallon and $190 for a 45-gallon pot. Cedar elms are also raised in grow bags; a 5... Read More »

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How do I determine the age of a Texas cedar elm tree?

Method OneDrill an increment borer through the tree to the core. Extract the borer and count the rings. Each ring represents a year in the life of the tree. You can also count the rings on a fallen... Read More »

Can an avocado tree grow in Texas?

Several varieties of Mexican avocados were developed specifically for Texas growing conditions. Small farms in central Texas produce Wilma, Pryor and Opal avocados and ship them to fruit and vegeta... Read More »

Where could i buy a Lychee tree or seeds in Texas?

Grocery stores that have a lot of Asian customers usually have lychee fruits, and you can remove the seeds and plant them.Lychee is a subtropical fruit. As far as I can tell from various written so... Read More »

When do I plant a magnolia tree in Victoria, Texas USA?

Victoria, Texas lies within the natural range of the iconic Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora). The best time to plant is in winter or spring. This gives the tree time to establish itself ove... Read More »