What is the minimum wage for the state of oregon?

Answer According to the Labor Law Center, the state minimum wage in Oregon went from $7.95 an hour in 2008 to $8.40 an hour (USD) in 2009. The rate per hour is scheduled to stay $8.40 in 2010 with current... Read More »

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What age can a child ride in the front seat in Oregon state?

There is not an age to sit in the front seat the child just has to be 4 feet and 8 inches tall and weigh at least 85 pounds. At least in MA!

How to Pay State Taxes in Oregon?

In the state of Oregon, all residents are required to pay a state income tax every year based on their annual salary. It is important to file this income tax before the April 15th deadline, otherwi... Read More »

Criminal Laws in Oregon State?

Oregon, like every other state, has a set of laws to deal criminal matters such as arrest and incarceration. These laws are found in Title 14 of the Oregon Revised Statutes. Title 14, which is labe... Read More »

How Can You Get Driver Records in Oregon State?

In Oregon, residents can obtain copies of their driving records through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Driving records house the driving history of licensed drivers over the course of their live... Read More »