What Are the Causes of Yellow Leaves on a Chaste Tree in Arizona?

Answer The chaste tree is a small, deciduous tree reaching 18 feet tall and often grown as a shrub. This tree produces spikes of purple flowers in the summer, according to the University of Arizona, throu... Read More »

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In Arizona what are the rules for divorcing and wanting to take the kids out of state?

Answer You need to contact a lawyer licensed in Arizona and who specializes in family law to learn the statutes of dealing with divorce and children.

How to Care for a Vitex Tree in Arizona?

Vitex is sometimes called Texas lilac or chastetree. The plant is a heat-tolerant shrub or small tree that is often grown in warm climates as a substitute for lilac. In Arizona, vitex may be grow... Read More »

Facts on the Arizona Tree Frog?

The Arizona tree frog is the official state amphibian of Arizona, according to The Arizona tree frog is one of only two frog species found in Arizona. The only other frog species that... Read More »

How to Plant a Pecan Tree in Arizona?

The pecan tree, scientifically known as Carya illinoensis, is the largest tree in the hickory family, capable of reaching 100 feet in height. Native to North America, pecan trees not only function... Read More »