When was the state motto of New Jersey adopted?

Answer New Jersey's state motto, Liberty and Prosperity, was adopted in 1777, ten years before New Jersey became the nation's third state. The motto appears on both the state's great seal and flag.Referen... Read More »

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When did north dakota's motto become it's motto?

When was the last time both Michigan and Michigan state were undefeated when they faced each other?

1999 Nick Saban was coach and MSU pulled off the victory to go 6-0.

What is the percentage of the Michigan state unemployment tax?

In the first two years, taxes for most Michigan businesses are 2.7 percent, however, construction rates are calculated differently. In the third and fourth years, the tax is determined by "experien... Read More »

What Is the Michigan State Quarter Made of?

All U.S. quarters contain the same chemical composition--8.33 percent nickel plated over 91.67 percent copper, according to the U.S. Mint. All quarters weigh about 5.67 grams, with a thickness of 1... Read More »