How did North Carolina get its state bird?

Answer The cardinal--scientific name, Cardinalis cardinalis--is the state bird of North Carolina. It has been the southern state's official bird since the early 1940s.DescriptionThe cardinal is noted most... Read More »

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Who decided the state bird for North Carolina?

The North Carolina Bird Club held an election among the people of the state as to their choice of a state bird; the winner was the northern cardinal. In response, the general assembly of North Caro... Read More »

North Carolina State Flower & Bird?

On March 15, 1941, the North Carolina Legislature chose the dogwood, a flowering tree found from the coast to the mountains, as its state flower. And just two years later, on March 4, 1943, the sta... Read More »

Is the osprey bird protected in North Carolina?

The osprey is not included on the North Carolina protected wildlife species list. They are, however, raptors and are therefore protected from harm or molestation by federal and state laws such as ... Read More »

Is the osprey an endangered bird in North Carolina?

The osprey was given endangered status in the 1950s, owing chiefly to the effects of chemical pollutants on their eggs. They have, however, been able to bounce back over the past 60 years. They are... Read More »