I have a state project do in 2 weeks my state is Nevada and I need a good hand out snack?

Answer Make some poker chip size sugar cookies. Color the batter with food coloring so you can have red, white, and blue poker chjp cookies.

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Colorado's State Bird and State Flower?

Colorado's official symbols celebrate mountains and plains. In 1933 the state adopted the lark bunting as its official bird. The iconic blue and white columbine, which grows high in the Rocky Moun... Read More »

What is the state flower of Nevada?

Sagebrush is the state flower of Nevada. Sagebrush grows one- to 12-feet high in areas too dry for other vegetation. Sagebrush has a pleasant smell, and displays gray-green twigs with yellow flower... Read More »

Does nevada have state taxes?

Nevada is one of seven states that do not tax residents' personal income, according to the Retirement Living Information Center. Nevada residents do pay sales, cigarette, gas diesel fuel and proper... Read More »

Does Nevada have a state income tax?

Nevada is one of seven states in the United States that does not have a state income tax for income earned within its borders. However, residents are still responsible for paying federal income tax... Read More »