What is the starting salary for diagnostic radiology careers?

Answer According to a 2009 survey by, the average starting salary for diagnostic radiologists in the United States is $356,375. This figure applies to those professionals who have less tha... Read More »

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What is the starting salary for a radiology technician?

As of May 2010, the PayScale Report shows that radiology techs start with an average salary of $30,252 to $50,868. Compare this to a salary of $34,427 to $49,493 with five to nine years of experien... Read More »

What is the starting salary for a radiology technician in Illinois?

Radiology technicians in Illinois earn between $20,558 and $39,305 with less than one year of experience (as of March 2010). They are responsible for performing imaging examinations, such as X-rays... Read More »

Careers in Radiology Tech?

Radiologic technologists perform diagnostic examinations of patients in hospitals, clinics and health care centers. Most use X-ray technology to create and develop images of patients' bodies. Physi... Read More »

Careers in Forensic Radiology?

Radiology, the science of using X-rays, began with the invention of the X-ray machine in 1895. Forensic radiology began months after when an X-ray machine was used to locate a bullet lodged in an a... Read More »