What is the staple food eaten in India?

Answer India has shifting food staples as incomes begin to rise in the Asian nation. High protein foods such as milk, eggs and poultry have increasingly replaced grains. Traditionally, Indian cuisine stap... Read More »

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Why it is said that rice is fattening when most of the states in INDIA have rice as their staple food...?

rice is very starchy (like bread) and full of carbs. in countries like America, the rice is processed and made in a very disgusting, unnatural way...the rice in India is probably much much cleaner ... Read More »

I think I've eaten a staple lead?

Normally there should not be any problem as it is very small. Eat some laxative fruits.

Why is bread a staple food?

For thousands of years, bread has been a primary staple food in many parts of the world. Bread is popular as a staple food because wheat is easy to grow and abundant, and it provides an excellent n... Read More »

What is the staple food of russia?

Russia has a variety of staple foods that are based on what is able to grow in the climate. Soups, stews and dinner pies are common dishes in Russia and typically contain at least three staple food... Read More »