What is the standard unit of power?

Answer A "standard unit of power" is the unit used to measure power in any given industry. The watt (W) is the standard unit of electrical power across industries that use the metric system or Internation... Read More »

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Can a 1000-watt PC power& cooling power supply unit power three 8800 GTX units?

A 1000-watt power supply will drive three NVidia GeForce 8800GTX video cards with room to spare, since they consume approximately 247 watts of power each. You may want to consider separately power... Read More »

What Is the Standard Unit of Volume in the Metric System?

The metric system is based on powers of 10, such as 0.01, 100 and 1,000. Each power of 10 is denoted by a prefix. For example, the prefix "centi-" means 0.01, and so 1 centimeter is equal to 0.01 m... Read More »

What is the unit of power?

The common measure of power is known as a watt. Most homes have power delivered in kilowatts. There are also mass delivery units known as megawatts. These measures can be converted and are used to ... Read More »

What is a power distribution unit?

A power distribution unit (PDU) is a power strip with multiple outlets used to provide power to networking, telecommunication or server equipment. In computer networking, a continuous power supply ... Read More »