What is the standard of living in Mexico?

Answer The Mexican standard of living is lower than in First World countries, and is due in part to a lack of education and industry. Minimum wage starts at approximately $5 per day, though most people wi... Read More »

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How is living in the U.S. different financially than living in Mexico?

Living expenses can vary drastically between the U.S. and Mexico, depending on where you live in and your preferred standard of living. However, financial expenses are generally lower in Mexico tha... Read More »

How to Make a Living in Mexico?

You may dream about moving to Mexico and starting over, but it's not necessarily as simple as holding a garage sale and planning a road trip to new-found freedom. If you want to open a business in ... Read More »

Who is living at the Palenque in Mexico?

Although no one lives in Palenque presently, it was a significant ceremonial center in the Mayan Empire between 100 B.C. and A.D. 800. Archaeologists believe that Palenque reached the height of pro... Read More »

Who were the first people living in Mexico?

Long before the rise of the Aztec, Mayan and Toltec empires, Mexico was ruled by the Olmecs. The Olmec people established a sophisticated culture of art, agriculture and trade in the states now kno... Read More »