What is the standard issue handgun for secret service?

Answer Sorry, that information is normally not publicly available until after the sitting president has left the office.

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Are knives a standard issue weapon for Secret Service Agents?

According to the Department of the Treasury, Secret Service officers do not carry knives as a standard-issue weapon.Please See Link

What is the cia standard issue handgun?

Raymond Allen Davis. Was a C.I.A. agent involved in a scandal where he killed two "Robbers" who were on motorcycles in Pakistan. He was charged with double murder and unlawful possession of a firea... Read More »

What is the cia's standard issue handgun?

The CIA does not have a standard issue handgun. This is because most agents do not see combat. the firearms they do issue are issued on a basis of preference of the operator and geography (meaning ... Read More »

What handgun does the secret service use?

According to a documentary I just saw, they use the Sig 229.