What is the standard height to mount a flat-panel TV?

Answer In most cases, the standard height to mount a flat-panel TV is at eye level from a seated, or reclined, position. The ideal mounting height varies depending on the size of the TV, the way it is mou... Read More »

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How to Mount a DVR on Top of a Flat Panel?

The days of placing equipment on top of thick, floor-mounted TVs are all but gone. With flat panel sets becoming ever-flatter, many are presented with new equipment placement dilemmas. However, p... Read More »

At what height should a flat panel TV be installed?

On One Hand: Multiple PossibilitiesIf you know how to find a wall stud, you can mount a television, but where and at what height it is installed is up to you. According to, the layo... Read More »

What is the standard height to mount a whiteboard?

For 48" high whiteboards, the standard is 78" from top to floor, 30" below.

How far do wall mount screws go into flat panel tvs?

Wall mount screws should not go farther than 1/2 inch into a flat panel television. You should only use the screws included with your television or wall mount system. The depth may be less, depend... Read More »