What is the standard height and width for a dishwasher?

Answer 24 is traditional width and height goes from 33 3/4 to 35 this is for built in, all depends on your counter tops when the house was built, you also need to measure for depth.

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What is the Width of a standard residential dishwasher?

What is the height and width of a standard double door?

Standard height for residential doors is 80 inches. Doors come in widths every two inches with most popular sizes of 30, 32 and 36 inches. (34 is special order door).

The ratio of width to the height of the screen of an hdtv is 16 to 9 suppose a large screen hdtv has a 70-in diagonal screen find the width and the height of the screen?

If the ratio is 16:9, call the horizontal edge A and the vertical edge B. A=16x, B=9x. For a rightangled triangle, A2+B2=702. So (16x)2 + (9x)2 = 4900. From here:(16x)2 + (9x)2 = 4900256x2 + 81x2 =... Read More »

Kitchen cabs were installed at finished floor to subcounter height of 34 inches and the dishwasher is 33.142 tall and planning on having a granite top with bullnose edge will the dishwasher fit?

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