What is the standard ear-bud size in mm that comes with an Ipod purchase?

Answer You need to invite or be invited to party chat to speak to your friends. If you want to talk in game chat, you must create a party, click on 'party options' then move along to 'game chat.'

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What is the size of a standard-size brick in Malaysia?

Common bricks size in Malaysia would be 215x96x70 mm.

What is the standard size of a king-size bed in centimeters?

A standard king-size bed in the United States and Canada measures 193 cm in width and about 203 cm in length. In the United Kingdom and Europe, a standard king bed is approximately 152 cm by 198 cm... Read More »

If I purchase a Blue-Ray DVD player, will I still be able to play standard DVDs on it?

Yes, you can play standard DVDs in a Blu-Ray player. And as an added bonus, the Blu-Ray player will up-convert the content to HD or near HD quality for display on your HD TV. However, if you do n... Read More »

What is the standard size of a queen-size bed?

According to, the queen mattress is the most popular bed size. Queen-sized mattresses measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. The queen-sized mattress is 6 inches larger than a fu... Read More »