What is the standard deduction on federal income taxes?

Answer Standard deductions on federal income taxes are based upon an individual's filing status--single, widower with dependent child, married filing jointly, married filing separately or head of househol... Read More »

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What Is the Federal Income Tax's Standard Deduction for a Self-Employed Single?

The federal income tax standard deduction for a single person in the United States is $5,700, as of the 2009 tax year. The standard deduction exempts that amount of your income from income tax. How... Read More »

What is the federal income tax's standard deduction for a self-employed single?

Self-employed individuals do not have a different standard deduction than other taxpayers. In 2009, the standard deduction for people using the single filing status was $5,700. Those who are self-e... Read More »

What is the standard deduction for taxes?

When you file your annual federal tax return you have the choice of claiming the standard deduction or itemizing deductions. The amount of the standard deduction varies according to your filing sta... Read More »

What is the standard deduction for taxes in 2007?

Standard deductions change each year. The standard deduction in 2007 for single or married filing separately was $5,350. The 2007 standard deduction for married or qualified widower was $10,700. T... Read More »