What is the standard cost of a divorce in Kansas?

Answer The cost of divorce in Kansas varies widely, depending on the complexity of the case. A typical divorce attorney in Kansas charges $200 per hour. Filing fees vary by county, but typically range bet... Read More »

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What is the standard cost of a divorce in Texas?

In Texas, filing fees for divorce are assessed by the county. Check with the county you live in to determine what your fee will be. In Dallas County, for example, the fee in 2009 is $245 if childre... Read More »

What is the standard filing fee for a divorce in Nevada?

There is no set fee in Nevada for filing for divorce, because state law leaves it up to the individual counties to process the paperwork. Each county, therefore, also sets its own fees. These range... Read More »

How do i file for divorce in kansas?

File the PetitionDownload a form for a Kansas divorce petition online. The most reliable source for this is the Kansas Judicial Council. Complete the form, then locate the district court in the cou... Read More »

Information on Divorce in Kansas?

Kansas is a no-fault divorce and equitable distribution state. Equitable distribution does not require a strict 50/50 division of property. The parties to a divorce in Kansas have wide latitude to ... Read More »