How to Find the Square Root of a Number That Doesn't Have a Perfect Square?

Answer The square root of a number multiplied by itself yields that number. Some numbers are perfect squares such as 25 (five times five) and 100 (10 times 10). Other numbers are not perfect squares. Alth... Read More »

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What is the area of Canada in square miles to the nearest million?

The total area of Canada is about 4 million square miles, when rounded up to the nearest million. The exact size of Canada is 3,855,103 square miles or 9,984,670 square kilometers. It is the second... Read More »

How to Reverse a Square Root?

The square root of a particular number, x, identifies a certain number, t, that when multiplied by itself will equal the original number x ( t * t = x defined by t as the square root of x). Essent... Read More »

How to Enter a Square Root Into a TI?

A TI calculator can be an invaluable resource when it comes to calculating the values of square roots, particularly of numbers that aren't perfect squares. Fortunately, entering a square root into ... Read More »

How to Reduce a Square Root?

A square root is a value that, when multiplied times itself, equals another specific value. Square roots can consist of a combination of numbers, letters and exponents. You are likely to encounter ... Read More »