How to Find the Square Root of a Five Digit Number?

Answer There is a simple way to find or approximate the square root of a five-digit number. If it is a perfect square, these steps will take you to it quickly. If it is not a perfect square, it is an irra... Read More »

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How to Find the Square Root of a Number That Doesn't Have a Perfect Square?

The square root of a number multiplied by itself yields that number. Some numbers are perfect squares such as 25 (five times five) and 100 (10 times 10). Other numbers are not perfect squares. Alth... Read More »

What are five root vegetables grown in Australia?

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How to Get the Principal of a Square Root?

The convenience of digital calculators sometimes creates the false impression that the functions printed on the keypad are modern ideas. One function that has its roots in ancient times is the squa... Read More »

How to Solve the Square Root?

Although it has been left out of math curricula for decades, before hand-held calculators, taking the square root of rational numbers used to be done with just pencil and paper. The technique is no... Read More »