What is the mileage from Beaumont, Texas to Branson, Missouri?

Answer It is approximately 569 miles from Beaumont, Texas, to Branson, Missouri. You can complete the drive in about ten hours, depending on traffic. Much of the trip is spent on US-96 N and I-30 E.Refere... Read More »

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What is the square mileage of Rome, Italy?

The total land area of Rome, Italy is approximately 497.94 square miles, making it one of the largest municipalities in Europe. It is the capital of Italy and holds the Vatican City, the center of ... Read More »

What is the land area of france in square miles&square kilometers?

France's total area is 211,208 square miles which is equal to 547,030 square kilometers. In comparison, it covers about four fifths the land area of the state of Texas. The country has 2,130 mile... Read More »

What is the easiest way to remove square by square linoleum?

Answer I usually just use a sharpened putty knife or combination of different sizes of putty knifes. Usually they come up pretty easy. Make sure you get the old adhesive of the floor if you are go... Read More »

What is the Twilight Zone episode where a military group were watching a family living in a kind of forcefield square and at the end one guy go into the square to meet a girl but the girl kills him?

This actually isn't from an episode of the Twilight Zone. It was from a show called Night Visions (a show that had a simillar style as The Twilight Zone and it only aired for one season) The episod... Read More »