How do you get the square footage of a room in your house?

Answer Square footage Multiply the width by length, e.g. 10w x 12l 120sqft

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How do i measure square footage in a house?

Measure the length of your home from the inside. If you have a number of rooms with walls in between them, measure from one wall to the next and then pick up the measurement from the other side of ... Read More »

How to Figure Square Footage for Painting a House?

If you measure the square footage for your interior painting job carefully, you can save on paint. The process involves measuring the total area of the walls to be painted and subtracting the areas... Read More »

How do you determine the square-footage of a two-story house?

Depending on what you need the information for, you can get a rough idea by measuring the entire outside of the house. Then multiply the length of the house times the width of the house, and then d... Read More »

How do I determine square footage in a house for heating& air conditioning?

Conditioned or Unconditioned SpaceDetermine the boundary between the conditioned and unconditioned spaces. Most houses have enclosed spaces under a roof, such as the garage or attic space, that nev... Read More »